Your politicians don't give a fuck about you.


Are the automakers, not to mention the governor of Michigan, trying to scare the public much like Wall Street did into giving handouts?

on Nov 20, 2008


on Nov 20, 2008

I second DrGuy.

on Nov 20, 2008

That is how I see it.

on Dec 02, 2008

for every 1 person fired or layed off from GM there are 10 other people that are fired and layed off because GM has suppliers and other companies that depend on it. If GM goes down we are looking at HUGE unemployment and we might be headed down from a recession and into a depression. But like the article says GM pays way more money than they need to on wages because the Union has forced them higher. GM must cut down on wages and make better Buisness decisions. I really dont think they should get a dime. Right now there is a huge crisis with people unemplyed and the number of people who will need food satamps is expected to reach 12 million this year. that is the crisis we should focus on.